Real-time Wing Deformation Simulations for Flying Insects Qiang Chen, Zhigang Deng, Feng Li, Yuming Fang, Tingsong Lu, Yang Tong, Yifan Zuo, Proceeding of ACM SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference, Denver, CO, July 28 – August 1st, 2024. ACM Press. [conditionally accepted].


Agent-based Crowd Simulation: An In-depth Survey of Determining Factors Saba Khan, and Zhigang Deng The Visual Computer, Special Issue for CGI 2024, Springer Press. [conditionally accepted]


A Bio-inspired Model for Bee Simulations Qiang Chen, Wenxu Guo, Yuming Fang, Yang Tong, Tingsong Lu, Xiaogang Jin, and Zhigang Deng IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics [accepted in March 2024] [pdf]


Noise4Denoise: Leveraging Noise for Unsupervised Point Cloud Denoising Weijia Wang, Xiao Liu, Hailing Zhou, Lei Wei, Zhigang Deng, Manzur Murshed, and Xuequan Lu Computational Visual Media, Springer Press. [accepted in Feb 2024] [pdf]

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